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Im englischen Forum gabs dazu ein Kommi von Gaile:

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We are unable to retain the forum in an sort of "archive" form, because it lives on antiquated hardware that is, quite honestly, on it's last (technological) legs. From what I was told, the server should have had a few updates by now, but because we didn't want to risk the forums completely with taking that step, we held off on those updates until we could launch these forums.

Essentially, we have been operating on a wing and a prayer for a while now, knowing that at any time the forums could topple with no way of resurrecting them. Sure, we have backups, but the way the old forums were configured, the back-ups would not have been helpful in rebuilding the old forums.

Unless something completely unforeseen happens, the old forums should be in place at least until the end of October. After that, we must remove all content as we close down / retire the server on which the old forums are installed.

I was very sad to learn that we would not be able to "mothball" the old forums indefinitely, but having talked with several folks on the tech side, I fully understand that we need to retire the server soon and that moving or in other ways trying to archive truly is not possible.

Quelle und Faden dazu: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/113625/#Comment_113625

Wird wohl alles dicht gemacht nichts archiviert. War der Meinung, dass ein es dazu noch ein Äusserung gab in einem anderen Faden zu dem Thema nach dem Motto: Wir können ja selber auf Pastebin und Co Archivieren, finde selbigen Faden aber nimmer.

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