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Looking for a Deutsch/Englisch Guild


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Hm, I doubt that you will find a german speaking guild in NA, you will find them (and only those) on german main servers in EU: Elona Reach, Riverside, Drakkar Lake. There, guild and team chat and voice communication is mostly german. There are also 4 german minor server: Kodash, Abadon's Mouth, Dzagonur, Miller Sound, there you may find a few german wvw guilds, but as linking isn't language respecting, they may also be linked to english or french main server, that will dominate the team-chat.


Should you switch to EU you will also have a time-zone problem (NYC -6h, LA -9h compared to CE(S)T): american evening is european night. To meet many europeans incl. germans, you need to play 19:00-24:00 CE(S)T


For roaming you will also have a ping penalty from america to EU, it will very likely be over 120ms.

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Hi there! We are on Server WSR and we try to hold our guilde small and good. We are MultiKulti... like Swizerland, Germany, Austria, and maybe soon USA? ^^ A little bit from what we like, is: Playing WvW with quality, PvP sometimes and PvE (only if somebody needs something...), and sry for my broken english, i am the austrian guy and my schooltime was 35 years ago and longer ^^ So... lets see, if WE here from you... [Krit] Die letzten Kreuzritter send nice greetings to USA

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