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We want to reduce the extreme volley damage moments of the soul shifters a little, but not significantly reduce the total damage per second in longer fights. To this end, we're also increasing the damage bonus granted by Furiose Strength, ensuring an overall increase in sustained damage per second.

  • "Keg !": Now the damage bonus is 25% when used by fused soul changers When used by another Ranger Specialization or by Soul Walkers who are not fused, the animal companion damage bonus is 40%.

Soul converter

  • Pack of a Wolf: The cooldown time in PvE has been increased from 60 to 80 seconds.
  • Furious Strength: Bonus damage increased from 7% to 10%.

War horn

  • Call of the Wild: The animation aftercast has been reduced by approximately 0.5 seconds. The next attacks of the animal companion can now be blocked. When activated, this skill dazes and weakens nearby enemies. In PvE and WvW the drowsiness is 2 seconds, in PvP one second.


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