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Tanky Bruiser Build for Untamed


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Hey Guys!


So im currently figuring out builds for the upcoming Untamed elite Spec when EOD releases. My goal was to go with the theme and create a Bruiser Build, that is able to Solo most content and is pretty forgiving if you make a mistake, while dealing good Damage. Now before we continue with the Build itself, i know that the Untamed Spec is not the most popular in the community right now and i can definately see why, it needs some tweaking especially in numbers. But the Gameplay of the Spec in the Beta felt great and im really looking forward to play it. Keep in Mind that i used the Soulbeast profession for this Build, since the Editor did not let me choose Untamed as of right now. But thats actually not too bad! This way i could compare the stats better to my current Meta Power Soulbeast and i have to say, i was pretty amazed and im actually thinking of building my Soulbeast this way right now. I do know, this is not what the people call "Meta" these days, but Meta does not always mean Fun.


So I'd like to hear your opinions on this build, what i might have done wrong and how this could be improved, but also if you have any other great Builds for Untamed! I had to use Soulbeast instead of Untamed and also i couldnt select a Hammer, so just replace one of the two Weapon Sets with Hammer in your Mind, different Content requires different Weapon Sets anyways, Ranger is a class that can utilize almost every available Weapon to fit a certain situation, so that was not my main focus.


Tanky Bruiser Untamed


Compared to my Meta Power Soulbeast, there is only one real Drawback, which is the Ferocity of course. So this Build lacks about 40% of Crit Damage, and actually i only hit 99% crit chance, but this could be tweaked easily by changing Food for example. These Numbers are of course acquired by merging with your Pet + Fury, both of which you have 24/7 anyways.


Other than that, this Build has actually slightly higher Power and of course a huge amount of defensive Stats, basically 700+ Toughness and 550+ (+240 from Untamed Spec later) Vitality. Is there something im not thinking about? In my thoughts this is an incredible Open World and maybe even Raid Build with the only drawback being 40% Crit damage. Im really looking forward to your opinions and critics about this!

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