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iS Guild in process is looking for enthusiastic beginners and advanced players


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Enoughof the Kp’s and selfish players from the LFG who don’t allow you to enter?

The inexhaustible Squad wants to offer you this opportunity! We are looking for enthusiastic beginners and advanced players for fractals and raids.

With us you will be introduced to the fractals and raids step by step by experienced players and guides. We care a lot about the community, we also like to talk about the reallife from time to time if necessary and are happy to support our members with success.

You should be at least 18+, have discord on your computer incl. a working headset. Because we would like to talk to each other and training will take place only with voice. You should have real interest so that we can build a great community together. People dancing @ different weddings (Guilds) are not welcome, therefore representation obligation.

If you are interested, just send me a personal message.

Greetings GM Phil.

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