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U N N A M E D [hard]

Who We Are: [u N N A M E D] is a progress oriented guild that is focused on being a community where its members can play hardcore progress and build friendships with other players. We have members across many countries and timezones so you’ll always have someone to chat with while you’re playing. Whether you’re a veteran player or brand new, there is a place for you in our guild, if you are ready to play current meta builds and constantly improve yourself.

Activities/Events: Guild Missions are run weekly on Sunday evenings. During the week we host a number of events covering virtually every aspect of PvP. We are also working on getting guild PvP events going, as well as non-EU prime time events scheduled. We are also working on building Gilded Hollow up as a guild. We’d love to have you around for all the fun!

Join our Discord to join: https://discord.gg/psjnnt7Or message me or a Officer here or in game:Guildmaster: PlatiniumXL.4175Officer: Olzuupro.2937

Requirements: Simple, u have to have and use Discord the hole time if u play with guildmates+, representing the guild all the time, requirement to have the expansions, etc. We’re hardcore progress, so as long as you’re helping to create a safe space from discrimination and harassment for women and other marginalized groups then you’re okay with us.Abaddons Maul [DE] | EU Server

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