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The achievement description is misleading. The achievement actually fails if the Awakened Resistance to "Joko" bar is damaged further after the initial conversion at the start of event. This includes conversions done by the Small Palawa Jokos. It is thus necessary to break the defiance bars of both Palawa Joko? and Another Palawa Joko?, and kill the Small Jokos at the same time. In short, to get the achievement, players need to have a perfect run of the event.

The key to obtaining this achievement is for only 3 to 5 players to participate in the event. Event scaling rapidly makes the fake Joko's and clone Joko's defiance bars much harder to break while causing more Small Jokos to spawn and giving them more health. Players have to keep alert and watch for when the two larger Joko?s are giving speeches and if there are any Small Jokos going around.

Klingt aufwändig.

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