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"Citadel Assault Glider" Coloring Problem

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Today i spent some gold to buy the fancy Citadel Assault Glider from the Gem Shop. At first i was happy as can be, as it seemed that i could color it to my liking. But only the glider (while gliding) was in my chosen colors, but not the back piece, which is supposed to be the same thing in this case. This is breaking immersion and my asthetic well-being.Since the implementation of capes which can be colored in (up to) four different channels, could you please, ArenaNet, give the back piece of the "Citadel Assault Glider" four coloring channels as well? The first two exactly like those for the glider (Major material part 1, Major material part 2, the FX part and the chains?This might technically not be a bug, but could really make me consider my purchase for such a huge amount of money.

Citdadel Assault Back Piece:ZDBHWUf.jpg

Citadel Assault Glider:IdELqI9.jpg

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