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Wann bekomme ich die 4000 Edelsteine für den Kauf der Ultimate Edition?

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Ganz unten https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/de/articles/230165307-Guild-Wars-2-Account-Arten-Kostenlos-Grundspiel-HoT-und-PoF

"Es gibt zudem eine längere Verzögerung (von bis zu fünf Tagen) bis zur Freischaltung von Nachrichtenanhängen, der Schwarzlöwen-Handelsgesellschaft und Gilden-Banken. Ihr solltet eine Nachricht im Spiel erhalten, die euch über die verbleibende Zeit bis zum vollen Zugriff auf diese Features informiert."

Das wiki https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Account sagt:

Time requirement

Some content is restricted until sufficient real-world time has passed. Use the Chat command "/age" to display: the number of days since account creation, the number of hours played by all characters and the number of hours played by the current character.

Three day

There is a 72-hour restriction on:

Currency Exchange in the Gem store after account creation to combat botting and scams.All deposits and withdrawals to the Guild Vault after joining a guild. The time remaining is shown on the Guild Vault display and the entire vault is "grayed out". This timer is reset if you leave and rejoin a guild. It is not affected by either Guild Rank or Vault permissions.

Five day

The trading post limits (ability to buy or sell certain items) is removed 5 days after purchasing an expansion.

Seven day

There is a restriction of 500 Gold coin per week on the total amount any account may receive from a Guild Vault or via in-game mail. If this is exceeded using the Guild Vault then the "withdraw" button is "greyed out". If exceeded using in-game mail then when you hover over the "Take All" button", you may see:

This would exceed the value allowed to be received by this account this week. Each account can only receive 5,000,000 coins per week through in-game mail or the Guild Vault. Please wait and try again later.

First month

The first 30 days following creation, a new account is limited as follows:

Amount of coin that can be mailed. However, any amount can be received.Value of items both deposited into and withdrawn from a Guild Vault.

The amount you are allowed increases approximately one gold every 10 hours. When this amount is exceeded, the error message that appears is:

 This transfer would exceed the total value of transfers allowed for new accounts. As you continue to play, your account will be allowed to transfer higher values. New account limits are necessary to protect your online experience from fraud and illegal trading. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.


An unlimited amount of items that have no assigned value can be transferred by new accounts regardless of their price on the Trading Post.Multiple small amounts of gold can be transferred by new accounts even though equivalent large, single transfers are blocked.
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