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In the end it didn´t even [Meta] Semi-hardcore Raid Gilde rekrutiert neue Spieler!

Ayra Lightbringer.2874

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DISCLAIMER: Wir sind eine internationale Gilde, daher ist die Sprache der Wahl Englisch.

In the end it didn´t even [Meta] is the small semi-hardcore raid guild with the most fabulous name. We offer weekly fullclears, Low Man Raiding, Challenge Mode Runs, and Trainings Runs. Some of us are also fractals or dungeon fanatics looking for some likeminded people in addition to raiding. We are looking to recruit a few new players for all positions.

So how do you join?

First you undergo a quick evaluation, testing class knowledge and dps rotations, then you get accepted as a trial. After a few raids with us and some Low Man practise we will decide whether we want you, and of course whether you want us.

To apply as a trial, you must fulfill a few requirements:

  1. 2 out of the following: Druid/Chrono/BS/DPS. Druids should have both Harrier and Condi gear, Chronos both Tank and Offchrono Gear, and DPS at least one Condi (Either Mirage, SB or Renegade) and one Power (Either Weaver, DH, or Holosmith) Other dps classes are a welcome addition, but do not suffice on their own.
  2. KP of all bosses (might make an exception for Dhuum on an individual basis)
  3. 85% of the SC Benchmarks
  4. Completion of the general mechanics + a class-specific questionnaire

When do we raid? (All Times are CET)Monday 7PM: W1-W4Tuesday 7PM: W1-W4Thursday 8PM: W5Saturday 8PM: Low Man Raiding/ Currently Dhuum CMSunday 8PM: W5

Interested in joining?Hit me up on discord Max (Ayra/Shiva)#9139 or ingame Ayra Lightbringer.2874!

Looking forward to hearing from you

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