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Looking for a guild ....


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im a new player, 2 weeks in GW2, elder German, loads of mmorpg experience.

Im looking for a relaxed mature but crazy community to participate in bringing the server up in WvW.Currently im on Millersund (lol is that Miller's Sound ? lmao) and its ok there i guess, but i would transfer to some other place if its required.

I've been playing ArcheAge for a couple years and it was a depressive time, but it seems GW2 can bring me back into the action.Im able to voicechat, consider myself as a player that pays attention on the things, especially in raids.I can follow and once i know my turf, i can lead as well, but hey im 2 weeks here :).

The idea to battle Server vs. Server is supersexy to me, thats why im playing the game, but i have fun in PvE as well.I am the Warrior typ of player and i have some success in the arena playfields already, but i still have about 1 million questions ^^Let talk about you :)You are friendly, there is fun and family, not many rules but a good core of members to take a new player under their wings.Im pretty casual and love to be allone, roaming the world, but i also love doing things when i have the timeframe available irl.You are good players, understand the mechanic and you are regulary in the WvW playfields doing guild activities there.You are also in this or that dungeon to help your members getting this or that, or to get help for getting whatever.

My toon is 80 now as i played it till 40 or so when i got me both expansions i got two maxlevel tickets as well, i have one left now.

No idea what guilds are here, i could not chat as a f2p.Any idea where i would fit into ?

Cheers ^^

Axo, ich sprech' natürlich auch Deutschenländisch ;)

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